Hoza Summer 2016 - Terms & Conditions

    TERMS AND CONDITIONS     To qualify for the promotion, purchase products worth $5 and above with two participating products, write your name, number, contact details, national ID and the payoff line: SPAR There For You Entries with no payoff line will be disqualified Entries through Newsday will...


SPAR`S Corporate Social Responsibility program Community Benefits; continues to spread its wings amongst its community. Supporting TAG Rugby at grassroots level for both young girls and boys, SPAR continues to show its support for young talent and relates on how important it is to give the young generation the necessary leg room for them to grow in their sporting field. Community Benefit...

Community Benefits with SPAR

SPAR strongly believes in working together with its Communities to raise funds for the needy through their Corporate Social Responsibility arm, Community Benefits. Each SPAR store has identified charities within their area that they sponsor and Childline being the major one that is sponsored by SPAR Zimbabwe.

Locked Down with SPAR

"Locked down" is a new concept that SPAR has introduced and this is represented by a yellow key written locked down. If a customer sees this key on any of the products, this means that the price of the product has been reduced and price is “locked down” at that price for a month. So when shopping look for the lock and save on your shopping.

Buy BULK & Save BIG with SPAR!

SPAR now offers your the opportunity to buy your groceries in bulk; giving you massive savings on your groceries! In selected SPAR stores, you can shop at wholesale prices when you buy multiples of the selected products. A case of backed beans, a box of washing powders, a crate of soft drinks; with SPAR your choices are varied on savings offering you the best value for your money.  

Find out how we’re helping local communities and using our scale for good.

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